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  • Educational Service Centers Announce Partnership with RoofSMART

    Indiana’s educational service centers announce a new cooperative purchasing program for Roofing and Waterproofing capital projects. This program will provide the following benefits for your Re-Roof project;

    1.       Cost savings and cost reduction.
    2.       Better analysis and design.
    3.       Better ON SITE project management.
    4.       Better performing roof systems.
    5.       Better performing roofing contractors.
    6.       Better roof warranties, better service programs and response times.
    7.       Online, real time database portfolio management for each participating member.

    RoofSMART™ was developed by a local Indiana consulting firm, Moisture Management, who has already worked extensively with 42 of our school districts solving their roofing and waterproofing needs.  Roofs fail for a variety of reasons but most common are:  poor workmanship, poor design, inferior products, lack of maintenance, severe weather events and age.  In development for the past five years, RoofSMART™ was designed to address many of these issues.

    1.       RoofSMART™ is a strategic procurement program licensed to Indiana’s Educational Service Centers, as a way to bulk-purchase roofing & waterproofing solutions.
    2.       RoofSMART™ provides best value & cost savings to its ESC partners by centralizing purchasing power through bulk procurement within the Public Works procurement process. (Each project is bid individually and then collectively.)
    3.       RoofSMART™ requires that all parties involved in the bidding process, (manufacturers, contractors and designers), to assume liability for a roof’s performance. This transfers performance liability away from the School Corporations back to the accountable parties. No more finger-pointing when problems arise.
    4.       RoofSMART™ is a comprehensive suite of procurement services which includes roof audits, roof specifications and design, completed bid packages, project management, quality assurance inspections, better roof warranties, and optional service contracts that provide turn-key operational programs.

    RoofSMART™ fits perfectly into the existing core of services offered by Indiana’s Educational Service Centers.  ESCs have historically provided its member schools with similar bulk purchasing programs.   Insurance programs, school buses, paper supplies, and food commodities are examples of bulk purchasing programs that have been implemented and have proven very successful by ESCs.    

    Partnering with RoofSMART™ will provide Indiana’s Educational Service Centers with much needed cost savings for our membership.  By providing a bulk purchasing program for each participating school district, schools will realize outstanding cost savings for Indiana’s taxpayers. Under RoofSMART™, Service Centers are also being licensed to provide participants with a  roof analysis, construction and installation oversight, Architectural & Engineering services, a contractor evaluation program and a custom drafted long-term roofing warranty that is written with the building owner’s protection in mind. This warranty forces the Manufacturers to accept the School Corporations terms and conditions, rather than the School accepting a Manufacturer’s warranty which is written with the Manufacturer’s own best interest in mind. Roof maintenance seminars and contracted roof maintenance services will also be covered by the RoofSMART™ license agreement.  Partnering with RoofSMART™ is a very roof smart idea for Indiana’s Educational Service Centers as it relates to the Public Works bidding protocol.

    Call The East Central ESC for more information. (1-800-669-3010).

    Contact Larry John at or

    Brennen Baker
    Moisture Management
    phone: 317-577-0910

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