School Nurses Guide to Kids Health and Safety

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There's a wealth of information in the text guide including:

  • Detailed Instructions for identifying and treating childhood illnesses
  • Nutrition and exercise plans
  • Additional government, healthcare, and non-profit children's health resources


A major focus of ours is to provide individuals with comprehensive health and wellness resources; our most recent piece covers everything you need to know about children's health. From common childhood illnesses and nutrition to concussions and exercise; our guide covers it all.

Careers In Nursing


Whether you are just starting out in nursing or you are looking to advance your nursing career, the field is ready for you to make your move. Nursing as a whole is experiencing a shortage, due to enrollment rates in nursing school not growing at a fast-enough rate to replace the retiring nurse population. Combine this with a lack of nursing educators and both an aging population of Baby Boomers and a large majority of nurses (55%) reaching retirement age in the next 10-15 years, the nursing profession is reaching a crisis state.