Natural Gas Coop

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East Central Educational Service Center, along with four other Service Centers, have started a Natural Gas Co-op. As of 11/6/23, 48 corporations have become members. The Governing Board meets quarterly to conduct business.

Consultant services are provided by Maverick Energy.

Benefits of cooperative membership:

  • Volumetric Savings, purchase with wholesale quantities.

  • Price Risk Management, large volumes allow for a diversified portfolio of purchases.

  • Perfect balance of budget certainty and market timing. Proactive and unbiased market analysis from Maverick provides this luxury, which is not achievable at the individual purchasing level.

  • Safety! Members are protected from unfair supplier practices.

  • Purchase like a pro!

  • Reduce Supplier Fees by as much as 80%

Click HERE to learn more about Maverick Energy's purchasing cooperative. For additional details contact Patrick Haney,