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Star Lab Calendar

Star Lab Portable Planetarium

The "Starlab" is a small, portable version of a permanently installed planetarium. Starlab consists of an inflatable polymer dome that can be set up easily in a classroom, auditorium, or gym. Inside is a projector that can show the night sky, produce constellation outlines, and detail the continents on a globe of the earth. For astronomy, the changing motions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars can be shown with a whole year condensed into a few minutes. The Center owns four Starlabs for distribution to teachers who want to provide their elementary students with an opportunity to study the celestial environment.


Training is scheduled at the Service Center each September. Check the Professional Development Calendar for the dates of the training sessions.

The Center also has a Starlab presenter that is available to your school for a fee of $200 per day, if you don't have someone trained at your school for using the Starlab.

StarLab On-Site Presenter

The ECESC also has two of the new digital planetariums. Training will be offered each year on this Digitarium.

Training will be required to use this unit.

If you have questions or would like to schedule the Starlab contact Larry Williams at the Service Center.