Staff Links

Tutor Log: Tutors complete this log to record the completion of each session, student attendance, subjects covered etc.

Family Needs Assessment: Recruiters or family specialists will record family needs here for new COEs or to report ongoing needs from existing migrant students and families.

Tutor Expectations & FAQs: Tutors may utilize this document to answer many frequently asked questions.

Note to Parent to Set Tutoring Schedule: Tutors may use this note to let parents know the recurring tutoring schedule.

Note to Parent for Tutoring Schedule Change: Tutors may use this note to notify parents of a session cancellation or schedule change.

App Request Form: Tutors may use this link to request the MRC to purchase paid apps for the student devices or to request free apps to be uploaded to the entire set. Tutors will provide the purpose of the request and how the apps will be used in their instructional settings.

Sample Tutor Roster: Tutors are provided a roster with student-specific information about the migrant-eligible students in their groups.

Note to LEA of Identification of New Migrant Student: The MRC will provide this document, along with the Certificate of Eligibility, to the school corporation where the migrant student(s) attend. The document notifies the school corporation of the steps to be completed at the local level and the steps to be completed at the regional level by the MRC.

Professional Development Resources

What is the Migrant Education Program?
This video is an introduction to the Migrant Education Program, which helps provide educational support to migrant students annually.

myON Professional Development Webinars: MRC5 utilizes myON, a supplemental literacy software, during its regular school year tutoring and summer school. myON provides thousands of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, real-time reporting and assessments, and embedded close reading tools. All MRC5 staff who work with students were provided student and faculty logins.

Creating an Apple ID: Eligible students may be assigned an iPad for at home and in school use to increase learning opportunities. Students will need an Apple ID to download apps or utilize many functions on the ipad.

iPad Device One Pager: Utilize this reference document, which is provided to parents, to remind users of expectations and how to download apps.

Professional Articles
Colorin Colorado: Learn about the challenges that face migrant students and how to provide them with opportunities for success from these resources featuring background information, classroom strategies, recommended books, and a list of related migrant education programs.