Below are the school price offering that CMP has. Please contact Michele for ordering instructions. (See Below) $7.00 flat delivery fee for a single ream to a full pallet. Deliveries are made 5 – 7 days. Effective April 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019.     





Skids per Truck

Boise Copy White 20#

8.5 x 11





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Every single day--in multiple ways--people use paper. Copier and laser paper, magazines, inserts, brochures, invoices, and direct marketing pieces, as well as products such as paper towels, facial tissue, and product packaging, are all paper-based. The fact is, no one can deny that paper products play a vital role in our personal and professional lives--and we are happy to satisfy the demand.

At Central Michigan Paper, we love paper...and it shows.

When CMP was established in 1885, Grover Cleveland was President, the Wright Brothers had yet to take flight and you would have to wait over 20 years to see Ford's, Model T.

As a long-standing member of Michigan's vibrant graphic arts family, we've seen a lot of change in 129 years, but our reason to be has not. That's why our focus on you, the customer, is sharper than ever.

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