Synthetic Grass Warehouse
This site contains many tips for keeping your lawn green. At the bottom of the site is the reason for being included on our site. It has a listing of several links that promote Gardening For Kids.

Gardening with kids is not only a great learning experience but a healthy activity as well. Ensure that children wear sunscreen and clothing that will protect them from the sun. Children often receive great rewards from gardening and those who vegetable garden are more likely to eat the fruits of their labors. Whether planting herbs, vegetables, or flowers, gardening for kids is a healthy and educational experience.

50 States
Biographies, area codes, trivia, state birds, state flags - find it all here.

This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers and teachers! There are over 5000 free printable pages and worksheets available for all subjects.

Best Evidence Encyclopedia
Educators looking for useful, educator-friendly reviews of the evidence supporting math, reading, and other programs – including textbooks, technology, and professional development approaches – can find effectiveness ratings on the Best Evidence Encyclopedia. The Web site synthesizes the results of hundreds of studies by numerous researchers to rate the effectiveness of educational programs and practices. Recently published on the site is a review of beginning reading programs. The BEE is produced by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education’s Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education, under funding from the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education.

Bonus.com is dedicated to the firm belief that kids coming online today are technologically savvy, demanding and curious. This site has content that is highly interactive, well-organized and rewards follow-through and inquiry. You will find curriculum enhancers, family fun and homework help.

Brain Pop
Brain Pop produces animated educational movies for grades K-12 to explain concepts in a voice and visual style that is accessible and entertaining to parents and students. The site offers interactive games and quizzes, comic strips and experiments.

Classroom Zoom
Classroom Zoom is a minimal cost site with great tools for creating custom worksheets, crosswords, lessons, activities, and games.

Cnn is a worldwide education with student news.

Courts in the Classroom
The Indiana Supreme Court has lesson plans, activities for children of all ages, and archives of material available to teachers at no charge through its Courts in the Classroom program. Videos of oral arguments, historical documents from famous cases, games, puzzles, and much more are available online. You are invited to take advantage of this resource to help your students learn more about our judicial system and landmark cases.

Discovery School
Discovery School offers lesson plans, teaching tools, curriculum help, homework help, puzzle makers, science fair help, and Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators.

Early Moments
This is a children's book club that can help you teach your kids how to read with children's books. Early Moments can help with a child's early literacy development by providing award-winning children's and kid's books conveniently delivered to their door.

A premier source of classroom-tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students.

Education World
This site contains lesson plans, professional development, technology information, school issues and lots more.

Educator Templates
Miscellaneous templates for grades, attendance and much more.

The USDOE launched a new and improved version of its Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE). The new site makes it easier for users to find teaching and learning resources by offering, for the first time, a list of 500 educational topics and a redesigned home page. FREE provides educators with lesson plans, primary documents, science visualizations, math challenges, literary works, paintings, music manuscripts and many other classroom resources. The tool also provides comprehensive lesson plans by integrating important educational elements culled from the Libary of Congress, Smithsonian, National Science Foundation, NASA, National Archives and other federal agencies.

Gardening Resources
The National Gardening Association's Kids Gardening website has multiple resources for educators, including a guide to introducing greenhouse gardening into the school and curriculum.

Harcourt School Publishers
Harcourt offers online, interactive programs in elementary subjects.

Houghton Mifflin's Education
The professional staff has covered all bases: projects, cooperative school efforts, curriculum links, etc. They have over 8000 pages of information

Inspired Learning Community
The Inspired Learning Community is an online community for finding ideas and accessing numerous resources related to the effective use of Inspiration Software products. The community is open to everybody. There are no restrictions concerning a user’s geographical location or age. Visitors are welcome and can choose to create Inspired Member accounts, browse and search lessons & ideas, view discussions in the Forum and read Blogs and comments. Inspired Members can upload and share their own lessons and ideas, join a discussion in the Forum and post comments on the Blog. Inspired Membership is strongly encouraged – it is free and will help build a strong community for the benefit of all participants. This is the place to be inspired and to inspire others!

McGraw Hill
McGraw Hill is dedicated to educating children and to helping educational professionals by providing the highest quality materials and services

Moneygeek - Teaching Kids about the Power of Compound Interest

Moneygeek - Compound Interest Calculator

As a parent, you teach your children to take care of their physical and emotional health. It only makes sense to teach them to take care of their financial health as well. Whether you're saving or borrowing money, compound interest plays a significant part in your financial health.

Learning about compound interest instills kids with crucial life lessons regarding patience and delayed gratification. Albert Einstein said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it; he who doesn't pays it." Once children understand compound interest, they may be more inclined to save their money, avoid credit card debt and become financially healthy adults.

New York Times
Teachers of grades 3-12 can find a wealth of activities and lessons for their students for free at the New York Times Learning Resource website. Students can access stories and review news with a news quiz.

PBS Teacher Source
this is one of the most comprehensive websites ever created for PreK-12 educators. From Professional Development and community resources to video-incorporated lesson plans and teacher guides to thousands of subjects.

Practical Money Skills for Life
this is a free website designed to help educators, parents, and students practice better money management for life.

Rubik's Cube
A new campaign, entitled You Can Do The Rubik's cube, has been launched to teach 8-18 year-olds how to solve this challenging puzzle. Students can then experience the many educational benefits of this accomplishment as it increases their self-esteem, beefs up their willingness to take risks, and helps them overcome the fear of failure. There are a variety of activities, including free downloads, prizes and other activities for youth groups at the campaign's website.

School Express
School Express full of tons of free worksheets, fun time activities, online Math, software programs, ebooks, make awards, sites for schools and home schools and much more.

Sites for Teachers
This site is providing a HUGE collection of sites and curriculum resources from the Internet for teachers to use in their classrooms. These sites are organized, including lesson plans, instructional materials, online activities, and virtual trips.

Teachers First
This site includes classroom activities, professional resources, interactive quizzes and study skills, and much more to improve your child's learning.

TeachersNet is an explosive site full of lesson plans, standards, jobs, curriculum development tools, lesson exchange, teacher-to-teacher chat, classroom projects and much, much more.

Test Prep Review
Test Prep Review is a website full of FREE practice tests like ACT, SAT, ParaPro and many more.

The Learning Vault: Resources from High Tech High
High Tech High makes a wealth of videos, lessons, teacher and student portfolios, and other resources available online.

The Lesson Plans Page
This site offers over 2,500 lesson plans in all subjects.

The Puppetry Home Page
The Puppetry Home Page is designed to connect the community and teachers with the puppetry world.

The Teacher's Corner
The Teacher's Corner is full of online collaboration projects, printable worksheets and more. There are monthly activities and resources, teaching jobs and career opportunities, keypals/pen pals and much, much more.

Top Teaching Resources
Top Teaching Resources provides a one-stop information source designed to help educators to identify high-quality curriculum-based supplemental electronic teaching resources.

Toolkit for Digitally Literate Teachers
Provides teachers and school administrators with how-to guides, real-life examples of the benefits of digital literacy and actionable strategies to incorporate technology in the classroom. The resource is broken down into sections that include an explanation of digital literacy, ideas for a digitally literate classroom, digital literacy resources to bookmark and more.